Saturday, October 6, 2007

Wild Coonie on a Wild Mountain Aspen Branch

I just read about photographers (the so-called "Paparazzi" after Fellini's character Paparazzo) chasing the UK's Prince William around, endangering lives. A better approach would be to make friends with the subject, as I did with Coonie, a wild coon that visits us at home once in a while. This photo was taken at a distance of about 4 or 5 feet away, a few days ago around the end of September after the first snow. The EXIF information doesn't include distance, but it does say that the focal length was only 72mm. The photo is slightly cropped, and the camera does have an APS-sized sensor.

By the way, it is snowing again! This is really more snow than usual, and this is our 13th winter here. The weatherpeople predicted a "mostly dry" weekend, but as of 12:30pm Saturday it's still snowing a little. We have maybe 10 inches of snow on the ground now. I took some snow pictures around 10:30 AM this morning, which I may post next.


Phil said...

It's certainly cold enough for snow up here in North Idaho. Usually we don't get any until almost Thanksgiving.

I just want to know what happened to Fall?

Vitit Kantabutra said...

Thanks for your comment! I'd also like to know the same thing! We now have a deciduous tree, still with green leaves, that has fallen right across the driveway because it couldn't stand the snow load.