Thursday, November 15, 2007

Vivliothiki Mas

For many years I suspected that the German "Bibliothek" must have come from the Greek, and that the Greek word would probably be simply "Vivliothiki," for "place for books." However, I never remembered to ask a Greek whether my suspicion was correct. But last week we had a University Library Committee meeting, and on our University Librarian's (Kay Flowers') bag it says, among other things, "Vivliothiki Sou," or "Your Library." Hence "Our Library" would be "Vivliothiki Mas," wouldn't it?

Dhekemvrios 2007 - The "Vivliothiki Mas" has been verified by Prof. Dr. Andreas Grigoriou Andreou, o Kypreos my old friend who went to graduate school with me!

Noch einmal schrieb der Andreas....

So to be more correct, the meaning of thiki is that of a place to store things such as

apothiki (warehouse)
diathiki (will)



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