Friday, September 28, 2007

Red Squirrel, Barking in a Scots Pine Tree (planted) in the Mountains

Up here at home in the mountains of Pocatello, there are magical wild animals, including a few species of squirrels. This red squirrel is cute even when aggressively barking at somebody.


Ackworth Born said...

Good to see the red squirrel. Here in the UK they survive only in a few spots having been driven out by the grey. Just yesterday I shooed one away which was on the rose bush trying to get to the bird-feeder which is presently being visited by long-tailed tits and robins.

Vitit Kantabutra said...

Thanks for your comment. I had read that the red squirrel was extinct in the UK, so it is a vast improvement to hear that a few of them are still there. We feed the squirrels as well as birds and other animals. However, this particular red squirrel takes advantage of the situation and carries nuts and seeds away all day, thinking that he or she is preparing for the hard, long winter!